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In the beginning of 2018 a cooperation took place between Pop in Limburg (NL), PXL-Music (BE) and popNRW (DE) during the Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018 in Groningen (NL). These three partners organise the Euregion Music Exchange projectduring 2018. The project will take place in different locations within the three countries (Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands) and will occur in the timespan of the end of august 2018 until the beginning of march 2019.

Pop in Limburg (NL), PXL Music (BE) and Pop NRW (DE) agree on the significance of a strong Euregional cooperation and extension of collective projects. Also to reinforce the professionalization and internationalisation of talented bands, musicians, DJs, producers, rappers and their professional enthourage from the Belgian and Dutch provinces of Limburg and the German part of North Rhine-Westphalia.

During eight months collaborative opportunities to network and learn across the border will be created by all partners and diverse performances at different locations and festivals will take place. This will provide the possibility to – among other things – extend ones network and to learn how the pop sector operates within different countries.

  • Creating an exchange between musicians of the regions Dutch Limburg, Belgium Limburg and the German part North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Introducing and acquainting the participators with each other’s pop culture.
  • Exchanging information and influencing each other creatively in a music, artistic and business field.
  • To gain knowledge about the functioning of the pop field in different regions.
  • To create and extend an Euregional network with relevant music and business contacts.
  • To stimulate a (long lasting) collaboration between the three participating acts originating from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, so that for all acts chances and possibilities arise across the borders.

Euregion Music Exchange has also created a folder with all euregion adresses from poporganisations in this region. The 2019 folder can be downloaded here.  

Do you miss an organisation? Please let us know by sending an email.

This project is supported by the INTERREG-program:




Contactpersoon:Jesse Deledda
Organisatie:Pop in Limburg
Categorie: Euregionaal Internationaal Talentontwikkeling

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