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Buy a bag with all sorts of candy,
close your eyes and take one.

THAT’S what Trovetti is like.
You never know what you’re gonna get,
but it always will be good.

This trio started in 2014
with Rik (drums) and Peter (bass).
They wanted to do something different.
Influenced by bands like Primus, Mucky Pup and Faith No More
they started writing songs,
meanwhile looking for other musicians to fit in

In 2015 Tom (guitar) joined the band.
It was a perfect match, as if they’d been playing together for years.
But there was still something missing,.. the vocals.
Vocalists came and went, no one seemed to fit in and
then it hit them.. why not simply go on without a frontman?
Rik, who sang before, started to write lyrics to the songs.
Eventually ending up taking on the vocals as well as drums.
They discovered that the three of them can make whatever they want,

In 2016 they recorded their first album
They’re ready to hit the stage, and start “The Great Trovetti Show”


Contactpersoon:Peter Crins

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