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The band name Skuff What does our band name mean? “Skuff” is our way of talking about finely ground marijuana. You know, the stuff that’s ready to roll up into a joint or pack into a pipe?  It’s the language we use in our circle, and you’ll catch it in places where people are into cannabis. So when you see “Skuff,” you’re stepping into our zone.


Skuff is all about that high-energy ska-punk sound! And if you listen closely, you’ll catch a hint of crustpunk vibe mixed in too.

Band members

Jochem Stouten: Bass guitarist, Background vocals
Rick Latten: Main vocalist
Bence Dejong: Rhythm guitarist and second vocalist
Dennis janssen: 2 nd Guitarist, Background vocals
Siem Jung: Drummer

Band History
Skuff embarked on its wild ride in 2015 as a full-throttle Ska-Punk crew, showcasing the saxophone wizardry of Bas Wanders – indeed, the same Bas we tip our hats to in our track “Ugly Chicks.” Bas left the band after contributing to this iconic song. During those formative years, we had a few guitarists, along with our drummer, join and move on, yet that didn’t deter us from cranking up the volume, gig after gig, and having an absolute riot together. The whole saga ignited with Jochem Stouten, the mastermind who cooked up the idea of sparking a Punk-rock frenzy with Rick Latten. Rick had this cool habit of blasting tunes from his boombox at the skatepark, and Jochem pondered, “Why not channel that raw energy into a band?” But here’s the twist – Rick used to be a drummer, not a singer. Crazy, right? Well, they made it work. In no time, they rallied the troops and assembled a crew to churn out some killer punk anthems.

Musical Influences

NOFX, Left Over Crack, Bouncing Souls, Streetlight manifesto, Blink 182, Reel big fish, The Planet Smashers, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sublime, The Infested, Less Than Jake.


2019 June 8th – Living The Sjebbetig Life

Live performances

Skuff has graced numerous stages, from festival crowds to headlining prime slots under the spotlight. We’ve shared the spotlight with international acts, and our journey even led us to plan exciting shows in the UK for an eagerly anticipated tour – a tour that, unfortunately, had to be called off due to the disruptive force of the pandemic. But guess what? We didn’t let that stop us. Undeterred, we stormed onto the scene once again, taking center stage at a festival, pouring our energy into every note. The essence of Skuff lies in our united front, a band that thrives on camaraderie and delivers an electrifying performance that’s impossible to ignore. With Rick at the helm as our vibrant frontman, not only a stellar vocalist but also an accidental comedian, our shows are a blend of music and unfiltered entertainment. Rick, despite his protests, brings an undeniable charm that has audiences rolling with laughter. We’re here to channel that unmistakable 90s skateboarding skapunk vibe it’s in our bones, and it’s what we’re all about. A Skuff show isn’t just about music; it’s about throwing a party, creating memories, and celebrating the joy of being together.




Contactpersoon:Jochem Stouten

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