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MUSIC FAKTORY has many contacts in the EUROPEAN MUSIC SCENE. We book a wide range of international artists worldwide. Do you want to book the right bands for your festival and need some advise?  Please contact our team they are specialized in underground  Rock, Metal, Indie, bands.

With many years of experience in booking and promotion Music Faktory is the perfect assistant for every Club, Pub or Festival organization. We support you from A to Z, whenever and however necessary.

We are a new innovative company in the entertainment industry. We facilitate Festivals by sharing a lot of well-known information and managing many services. We bring supply and demand together and provide the right information to make your event a great success.

We’re always looking at creative solutions ‘TO MAKE IT HAPPEN’ we understand that we have to put more effort in our work to make this extra step to succes.


Contactpersoon:Remco Brokken

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