Foreign Bloom

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’Saudade’, a sense of sadness and melancholy that is at the same time beautiful and heartwarming — that’s Dutch musical and cinematographic project Foreign Bloom by heart. Jessica Kulka, who is simultaneously the composer, lyricist and singer, puts her darkest and shiniest memories into Foreign Bloom’s ambiance. It’s all in the name: Foreign Bloom is a juxtaposition of strange sadness and beauty. She works closely together with German producer Glückskind. Dark and experimental are words that come to mind listening to the sounds, that are as grand as they are intimate. Inspiration is drawn from widely divergent sources: from film composer Bruno Coulais, FKA Twigs to director Lars von Trier and fashion designer Alexander McQueen. What these creators have in common is that their work stems from the need to tell stories. Kulka is not only a musician: she graduated as a filmmaker from the Maastricht Institute of Arts. She combines the magic of the silver screen with the power of her melancholic music. Foreign Bloom’s latest release, visual EP Echoes, creates an experience through both sound and sight. Together, it forms a story, with every track starting a new chapter.

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