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Blackburn is a enthusiastic Hardstyle DJ/Producer. By combining energetic tracks and lively performances, Blackburn will give anyone the energy boost they need to continue through the night. Knowing every tiny detail of the track he plays, you can expect a professional entertainer on stage.

Blackburn actively performed on indoor concepts like Loudness, Supremacy, Freaqshow, Hard Dance Event (HDE) Live, XXlerator, and Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). After a few festival seasons Blackburn has played at major festivals like Defqon.1, Q-BASE, Dance Valley, Emporium Festival, Intents Festival, Rebirth Festival, Dreamfields Festival, Sunrise Festival, Daydream Festival, Ground Zero festival, Beat The Bridge, Dream Village, Last World, Megabase, Fatality, Wild Kingdom Festival, and many more.

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