Alex Ebs

Artiest | DJ/ Producer / House /

Alex Ebs (17 – New York City) is a solo Producer and Dj. With a rather international background, he creates and performs electronic dance music, but also has a reputation for all round begin-to-end music. Alex began as a Dj in his early years in the Netherlands, but started taking music more seriously when living in Shanghai, China, where he started playing at more events. After having won a remix competition in Shanghai, he gained support from Spinnin’ Records artist DJ Carta, caught sight of labels and Chinese festival agency A2LIVE, which allowed him to step up clubs, and earning his first residency within Shanghai.

Now, Alex is back in the Netherlands and holds the Kunstbende Dj National Top 5 Award, allowing him to play legendary clubs like AIR Amsterdam, and festivals like Castle of Love along names like Tony Junior, Lucas and Steve, Curbi, Mike Williams and more. He’s working hard towards more experience to take the next step in his career through the production of his own music, which is quickly rising with over 100,000 listeners across the world.


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